Who I am and what I am

I am a man destined to change this world, and if we take the assumption that all change this world constantly, then simply wake up, stand up and speak with someone means a new change.

Who I am and what I am does not imply that I want to explain, because I changed my character many times, I changed who I am and who I am to somehow try to forget you, I dated other people, I was with other women, but you never get out of my head is like a virus and the only antidote and you love me like I love you. I know that reality is what makes me and tell me that everything has changed, but nothing, no one changes the way I feel about you, wanted to love and be matched, but you do not even notice me notice me.

The truth is that repair of you whenever I see you and pretend not to look when you look at me, I can not resist their curly hair, his skin white, his smile, his embrace, not resist control myself not to be at your side when I see you, I try but I can not and it seems the more I policio, the greater my feeling for you.

You know, I would skip many steps and ask you to marry him at once, wanted ...

It's no good, love is a timeless toy, played once and are addicted, and I'm addicted to you, I want to tell w / everyone else, but I limit myself to keep this secret between God and me, because I love you even though with others - as it happened - I love you every day and not only has a week where I do not think that, one day not ask God to meet us on the street "by chance" just to say hi to hug you and say that I miss.


Missing you in my life, this is the purpose of all that God has told me about love, but because I am stupid, I did many stupid things I did to forget, but you is unforgettable. I try to sink into games, listen to other songs, change the places where I go, nothing... Do not forget you, I remember you dancing, I remember you smiling, I remember you anxious, nervous, angry, serious and mostly, I remember you smiling.

What is missing is you, miss you in my life, complete.

OBS: Desculpe o post em inglês, a versão em português apenas a pessoa que merece receberá.

Tiago de Castro Siguinolfi

"You have a new post in my life, the post of unsurpassed"

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